Operating Systems

A computer itself is merely a piece of hardware, which cannot be used without first equipping it with software. Essentially, any operating system can be installed on any computer, following which desired applications can be added according to the needs of the user. Office, internet, multimedia applications and many more are considered a part of the basic installation of any operating system and are provided automatically.



Linux is a free operating system. As such, it doesn't belong to any one company deciding the course of the project and is held to international standards. Thousands of people worldwide collaborate in improving this exciting project.
The Linux kernel (the core of every Linux system) is published under an "Open Source" licence. Its source code is freely available on the internet and anybody with the sufficient skills may make their own customizations to share with the world.
By now there are over a hundred different Linux distributions. Most of them are freely available on the internet, including applications for mail, web, office, graphics, multimedia, games and so on.


  • Sell computers pre-installed with Linux
  • Will install Linux on a computer you bring to us
  • Offer Linux consulting and support services

We mainly employ the widely used open source distribution Debian or its derivatives Kubuntu, Lubuntu or MX-Linux
Myriad free open source programs will be at your disposal if you decide to use Linux, most of them supplied as a core part of the installation.

Trying out Linux without installing

There are freely downloadable Live-CDs and Live-DVDs for Kubuntu, Lubuntu, MX-Linux and Knoppix , to try out Linux without making any changes to your current operating system. For a small fee we will make such a live system available to you.

  • 5 CHF for a CD
  • 8 CHF for a DVD
  • 5 CHF for a USB flash drive supplied by you