The Swiss label for computers with preinstalled free software and guaranteed support!

revamp-it have, together with the support of the dedicated open source community, contributed to the creation of this label.
It is still difficult or impossible to find a PC pre-installed with open operating systems such as Linux in a brick-and-mortar store, or online. In most cases it isn't even possible to buy a computer without an operating system at all.

The world of computers is still dominated by the duopoly of Microsoft and Apple, making it nigh-impossible for normal consumers to get access to alternatives.

This is why the label is fighting to provide another option, by supporting computer vendors who sell computers pre-configured with free software, to facilitate consumer access to such devices.

To make it easy for consumers to easily switch to a free operating system, it is made sure that with each computer that is sold under the label, support services are guaranteed and the buyer is informed about the price of the service at the time of sale. is a registered non-profit organization and is always seeking people to dedicate themselves to spread awareness of their efforts.

Since the inception of the label in 2010, revamp-it has offered computers for sale.