Verein Linuxola was founded on December 2, 2005 by eight people from different regions of Switzerland. The purpose of the organization is to provide access to information technology and a connection to the global digital commons for our partners in Africa.


revamp-it provides Linuxola with re-used computer hardware for the purpose of building computer networks in Africa. These networks, through the desployment of Linux Terminal Server Project (LTSP) systems, are then distributed to communal and educational efforts in various African countries.

At the same time, revamp-it facilitates the recepience, storage and sale of hardware donated to Linuxola. The sale of donated hardware makes it possible for Linuxola to pay for the shipping of devices to Africa, in order to target projects asking for aid, e.g. for education efforts.

Hardware in the revamp-it webshop that was donated to Linuxola is specially marked. With your purchase you directly support a venture looked after by Linuxola!

In addition to revamp-it, these other organizations are also involved in this undertaking:

Fonds für Entwicklung und Partnerschaft in Afrika (FEPA)
FEPA was founded in 1963 as a politically independent and non-denominational aid organization, which considers itself as an active participant of the solidarity movement and is also involved in developmental policy. FEPA is certified by ZEWO and is so far actively engaged in South Africa, Tansania and Zimbabwe.

ESM Development
ESM Development encourages the foundation of small businesses and the creation of new jobs in South Africa through consulting, training and supply of credit.

Wilhelm Tux
Wilhelm Tux is an interregional lobbying group with the aim of expanding the usage of free software in Switzerland.

Kontaktstelle für Arbeitslose, Basel
Since 1997, various initiatives for unemployed persons collaborate in the Dreiland (north-western Switzerland, Alsace, South Baden). Many ventures arose from these initiatives. One of these projects, for instance, is the cooperation with Zagora in Morocco. In January 2010 the KST Basel set up, repaired and revamped hardware to provide 45 workstations in five Moroccan schools with computers pre-installed with Linux, printers and scanners. Additional schools will follow.

You'll find more detailed information about Linuxola's activities on the Linuxola Homepage (will be upgraded soon!).