Since July 2015 revamp-it is premium partner of the kivitendo project.
Starting in 2005 - initially for our own purposes but soon afterwards to satisfy the needs of our customers- we searched for a software solution for accounting, resource and customer management.

After a thorough evaluation we found ourselves most satisfied with kivitendo (formerly lx-office) or many different levels:


  • Kivitendo originated from the efforts of two German Linux businesses as a fork of the English-language free software SQL-Ledger. Kivitendo offers a wide range of capabilities which are continously being extended.
  • Unlike many other "freemium" projects, where there may exist a non-freely available "professional" version, the development of Kivitendo is kept transparent. The read-access to the current development build is accessible at any time at The community is encouraged to contribute where they can.
  • Kivitendo is supported by a continuously growing community that helps in vetting the software, to identify weak points and to bring suggestions for improvements. There are community meetings once or twice each year.

Kivitendo can be installed on a Linux computer on a local network or a web server, where it can be accessed through any web browser and as such is accessible from any operating system (Linux, MacOS, Windows etc.) No prior programming or Linux knowledge is necessary for its usage.

We've used Kivitendo at revamp-it since 2007. All quotes and invoices you receive as our customer are created with Kivitendo.

As the main focus of Kivitendo has largely been on Germany, some adjustments have to be made for its deployment according to Swiss accounting standards.
As premium partner of kivitendo we are responsible for the implementation of "Kivitendo Modus Schweiz" into the main source code.
Starting with kivitendo verion 3.3 the first parts will be integrated.
This way, the user will only need to select the correct locale to automatically adopt the appropiate adjustments.

The development team at revamp-it is always looking for contributors fluent in Perl to help in the realization of the Swiss version!

If your business is looking for an accounting and ERP software that is reliable, easy to use and can be customized any way you wish to, check into Kivitendo.
Please contact us if you'd like to inquire about our services.

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